Access to water, sanitation and hygiene data (SDG 6.1 and SDG 6.2)

Potential climate/ disaster impacts addressed by approach & Justification for approach:

Periods of drought have lengthened and worsened in recent years. The supply of water to the population suffers cuts of hours, days or even weeks. Due to cuts, water quality also decreases. Particularly affected are vulnerable groups: people with limited resources, schools and health centres. Data that illustrate the situation will be used for decision-making and the implementation of adaptation measures to climate change.

Process of Implementation:

The project has developed a data monitoring system on access to and quality to water (SDG 6.1), as well as sanitation and hygiene (SDG 6.2) in communities in two rural municipalities in Bolivia. The focus was on data and information being collected at the local level, so municipal technicians, school teachers and health center managers were trained to update the data regularly and consequently implement appropriate action. At the national level, the project worked with the water and sanitation service regulator, strengthening its information system and statistical data management.

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