Capacity development on climate resilience measures in cities

Potential climate/ disaster impacts addressed by approach & Justification for approach:

Urban planners in Bangladesh (both on a national and local level) are facing a lack of practical knowledge on the importance of including climate resilience measures in urban planning processes. Therefore, capacity development measures are needed to generate a basic understanding of climate change and urban development.

Process of Implementation:

Based on stakeholder consultations and an assessment of the capacity needs, a Capacity Development Strategy was developed. As part of this strategy, first IEC (information, education, communication) materials where developed, also considering input from national and international sources and analysis. Then, training modules (including training manuals and handbooks) were prepared. These trainings were also piloted in two cities and over 40 training batches. For upscaling and the backdrop of digitalization, the materials and trainings were uploaded and disseminated on a Digital Exchange Learning Platform (DELP). This platform will be integrated into an existing partner system, using the existing and government owned platform “Muktopaath”.

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