Capacity development on climate resilient urban development

Potential climate/ disaster impacts addressed by approach & Justification for approach:

Urban planning in Egypt does not yet properly take into account risks and vulnerabilities related to climate change. The project capacitates national urban development stakeholders to assess and map vulnerabilities that are related to climate change, and to do that in a comprehensive manner by considering other types of vulnerabilities (social and economic), in order to create the basis for evidence-based planning and decision making. Resilience is therefore understood in a comprehensive manner.

Process of Implementation:

1. Creation of a common understanding and definition of the concept of resilience 2. Enhancing horizontal and vertical governance in relation to resilience by connecting urban development stakeholders with other national and sub-national agencies 3. Advising national stakeholders in conducting a pilot vulnerability assessment (on-the-job training) 4. Capacitating on integrating resilience into urban planning operations 5. Support in building the institutional capacities to access climate finance

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