Concept development of riverbank development „Alley 12.7 km“

Potential climate/ disaster impacts addressed by approach & Justification for approach:

Heat waves, loss of biodiversity, drought and floods are the threats that the city Vinnytsia has to deal with. The concept development of the riverbank development "Alley 12.7 km" is a strategic project within the IUD-Concept of Vinnytsia/Ukraine that addresses those threats. "Alley 12.7 km" includes the interests of all stakeholders and builds on the emotional connection between city residents with the river and landscape of the territory. It aims to contribute to the adaptation of the city to climate change by improving the riverbank areas of the Southern Bug River within the city and thereby protecting the population of Vinnytsia. The purpose is to support and increase the resilience of vulnerable places within the recreational area "Alley 12.7 km".

Process of Implementation:

Several supportive studies were prepared addressing the human behavioural aspects of the territory "Alley 12.7 km" and drafts of spatial solutions for the organization and arrangement of the pedestrian route and landscaping of the surrounding areas (e.g. creation of the park "Nagirnyi", improvement of the territories of the Sabarivskii forest, of the beach areas, organization of channels and tunnels for drainage etc.). The activity planning and implementation process is still in process.

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