Development of a flood management plan on the city/district level

Potential climate/ disaster impacts addressed by approach & Justification for approach:

The northern Governorates of Egypt are regularly confronted with the problem of floods. This is partly due to the low elevation of the Nile Delta. On the other side, urban planning has for a long time not taken these risks into consideration. Every year, floods lead to the destruction of infrastructure and housing or even to the loss of human lives. Part of the problem is that authorities on the local level do not respond to these issues in a coordinated manner. Additionally, communities are not properly informed about risks and potential mitigation measures. The measure aims to address this problem by developing a flood management plan in coordination with local actors, capacitating local authorities to implement it and raising communities’ awareness.

Process of Implementation:

1. Situational analysis, flood maps, scenario building etc. 2. Setting up of a flood management committee 3. Collaborative planning workshops 4. Design of the flood management plan incl. SOPs and early warning 5. Capacity development for local actors 6. Operation and maintenance for local actors 7. Community awareness

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