Elaboration of territorial climate plans based on a methodological guide by the local climate committees.

Potential climate/ disaster impacts addressed by approach & Justification for approach:

Based on a risk assessment, "heat islands" were identified and appropriate measures to reduce them through the implementation of green spaces. The approach aims to take charge of all the risks that impact the territory. Indeed, the approach is based on the participation of all institutional actors directly concerned by the effects of climate change.

Process of Implementation:

1. Elaboration of the methodological guide for the elaboration of local climate plans. This guide is used in the pilot regions with continuous improvement so that it is most adapted to the local context. 2. Establishment of territorial climate governance structures through the creation of local climate committees. 3. Designation of climate focal points in the sectoral departments whose role is to conduct technical studies and facilitate the integration of climate change concepts in their respective sectors. 4. Capacity building of all actors (local climate committees and focal points). 5. Carrying out technical studies: Risk assessment and inventory of greenhouse gases. 6. Development of strategies for adaptation and mitigation based on the results of the technical studies. 7. Program/Project/Activity design to address Adaptation and Mitigation needs.

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