Establishing a Fund for climate related projects

Potential climate/ disaster impacts addressed by approach & Justification for approach:

Multiple stakeholders in cities are aware of their needs to implement projects and solutions to address major socio-economic and ecological issues that arise with climate change impact. Some stakeholders may even have some idea of measures or projects, however, access to financing is restricted, especially for local communities. They need technical assistance to translate their idea into good project proposals, and they need some financial assistance to get started.

Process of Implementation:

Phase 1: Preparing the fund 1. Identify and negotiate with potential donors for a fund 2. Identify, negotiate and select an adequate fund administrator 3. Create an evaluation committee (representation of Donors, Ministry of Environment, fund administrator) & agree on rules of procedure 4. Create a framework for a call for proposals (approved by evaluation committee) Phase 2: Call for proposals 5. Generate info material and launch public call for proposals 6. Receive, evaluate and select winning proposals by the evaluation committee (some proposals were asked to improve specific aspects before selecting them as winners.) 7. Inform winning/beneficiary organizations and instruct them in administrative and management issues relevant for project implementation and reporting. 8. Sign contracts with beneficiary organizations. 9. When necessary, assist in project implementation and reporting. Create communication material on the implementation phase Phase 3: Generating lessons learned 10. After project completion, evaluate projects (a standardized evaluation form was filled out by fund recipients/beneficiaries). 11. Communicate broadly results and impacts from funded projects. 12. Systematize lessons learned and good practices in videos and fact sheets and disseminate via appropriate channels to all relevant stakeholders.

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