Giza Climate Change Strategy

Potential climate/ disaster impacts addressed by approach & Justification for approach:

Egypt has a national adaptation strategy. However, on the city level there are currently no local level strategies on how to adopt climate considerations. Through a participatory approach, and with the close support of the Ministry of Environment, the project developed an integrated strategy for climate adaptation on the Giza governorate level. This approach further acted as a pilot to demonstrate how local climate strategies can be developed and how.

Process of Implementation:

The approach started with an extensive phase of setting up a committee within the local governorate to be acting as owners of the climate strategy. They were selected in collaboration with the city council to ensure that each sector was represented, in addition to representatives from the relevant ministries. This committee was capacitated on strategic planning and further trained on climate change and resilience concepts. The trained people were then guided on developing a climate change strategy framework for the Giza Governorate, which was finally endorsed by the Minister of Environment

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