Green Building

Potential climate/ disaster impacts addressed by approach & Justification for approach:

The heat island mapping exercise helped in identification of heat emission from buildings as one of the major causes of heat islands in the city. This helped in the capacity building of the city officials in looking towards the concept of green buildings and thus supprting in reducing the impact of heat island in the city. The approach was implemented in the city of Kochi but this is a condition of many cities in India

Process of Implementation:

1. A gap assessment study was conducted to understand the status of green building in the city and based on which recommendation and way forward was shared with city 2. Based on the gap analysis study a checklist for green building was developed 3. Recommendation for green rating of KMC building was shared with city and it is under consideration by KMC for implementation 4. A feasibility study for installation of solar panel at a govt school in Kochi has been undertaken. The installation of the solar panel to be undertaken under the Urban Act project 5. The project conducted a heat island mapping exercise to identify the heat pockets in the city and building sector has been identified as one of the major heat emitters and thus it is necessary to look at energy efficient and green buildings

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