Green City Community of Practice

Potential climate/ disaster impacts addressed by approach & Justification for approach:

Climate change creates major impacts on urban population on all levels. Given the complex stakeholder constellation in cities, tackling climate change impacts cannot be addressed only from one sector, but needs an integral approach and needs to involve all stakeholders (public institutions, local governments, private sector, ONGs, academia, civil society). Given the stakeholders' pressing need and wish to implement effective solutions across all sectors, yet lacking in experience and knowledge on concrete solutions, this community of practice brings together stakeholders who offer this knowledge with those who seek it, thus, creating a space for open dialogue on tools and approaches, knowledge exchange, learning and innovation

Process of Implementation:

1. Identify relevant tools, methods, approaches, experiences, and lessons learned. 2. Identify relevant stakeholders. 3. Create a capacity building (CB) programme, including identified tools, methods, etc., allowing stakeholders to present their own experiences and lessons learned. At the end of this programme, stakeholders create their own road map for integrating the most interesting tools, approaches and lessons learned into their scope of work. 5. Execute programme: virtual and or in-person sessions on theoretical aspects and field trips to demonstrate examples of taking the theory to practice. 6. Keep a constant communication channel among participants, even after finishing the CB programme for further peer-to-peer learning. Promote among stakeholders the use of the online learning platform. 7. Repeat CD programme and facilitate regular exchange of lessons learned, as individual road maps are being implemented. If possible or relevant, include new tools and approaches.

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