Identifying and cuantifying ecosystem services (Green Atlas, Atlas Verde)

Potential climate/ disaster impacts addressed by approach & Justification for approach:

With rising temperatures, heat islands can become a serious challenge and therefore should be taken into account in urban planning and action. The Green Atlas on Ecosystem Services is a web application that identifies where heat islands are located by using satellite remote sensors and image processing, and visualized on maps. In addition, the Green Atlas also provides information about blue and green infrastructure, biological connectivity and more. It allows all users to easily see and correlate data for their decision-making processes.

Process of Implementation:

Similar ideas had been developed by a few local governments. Through the project, the first version of the Green Atlas was issued for the great metropolitan area, focusing in 4 cities (cantons) and 2 interurban biocorridors, creating more detailed information for these prioritized areas, and later on including other cities. To create the Green Atlas satellite images were bought and processed through geographical information systems to create layers of data and calculate indicators of urban ecosystem services. Communication and capacity building activities followed, which demonstrated great interest from local stakeholders and proved the usefulness of this tool for decision-making.

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