„Implementing EbA-Meausures in settlements with high risk for landslides in Monte Serrat, in Santos SP to enhance resilience of low income comunities Relocation of landslide prone habited areas“

Potential climate/ disaster impacts addressed by approach & Justification for approach:

The community of the Monte Serrat hill is very vulnerable to landslides. The land has been occupied without planning.​ The EbA-measures were carried out with the cities’ Civil Defense and Climate Change Departments and with the community itself. According to the Climate Action Plan of Santos, they aim to reduce the risk of loss of lifes and housing by relocating the population living in highest risk areas to nearby safer housings and recovering of the areas left and nearby still ocuppied areas with natural dense vegetation to stabilize the hill. As co-benefits the population will take part in the recovery actions, use the areas for traditional phytoterapics and offer guided tours for tourists. Public areas for leisure will be offered also.

Process of Implementation:

The Civil Defense Department of Santos is very active on Monte Serrat and looks for solutions to the risk of landsliedes. Meetings wer conducted with the comunity and trainings about gender equity, human rights and EbA-solutions with the public agents and with the community. Together the highest risk áreas were mapped and criteria were established for the transfer of families to safer housings nearby with better infrastructure. Another discussion was the common use of the areas left that would be recovered with natural vegetation and how the comunity could benefit and care for them. The choice of species for the recuperation was discussed with the comunity, the city hall and a botanic specialist. There has been an intense exchange with neighbour municipailites to expand the approach to other, similar situations. The regional adaptation and resilience plan of the Metropolitan Region of Santos adpoted the idea for 9 more cities

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