Improving the Urban green cover in a city through proper planning and implementation

Potential climate/ disaster impacts addressed by approach & Justification for approach:

The green spaces will act as carbon sink and thus help in reducing the GHG emissions. Urban green spaces in the city also help in lowering the temperature of the area and thus reducing the impact heat island effects in cities.

Process of Implementation:

1. A study was conducted for the identification of gaps and recommendation. Additionally, a roadmap was provided to the city for improving the urban green cover in the city of Coimbatore. 2. The urban design thinking methodology was adopted which uses the gap analysis report, stakeholder consultations and online surveys. A prototype was developed for a pilot area (Marutha Nagar Park) in Coimbatore. Based on the prototype, the project developed a detailed design for a bio park at Marutha Nagar. A concept for GHG Monitoring, reporting and verification mechanism was developed 3. A heat island mapping study was also conducted by the project to identify the heat pockets in the city and how green spaces and water bodies help in mitigating heat effects.

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