Internet of Trees/Arbol IoT: Engaging citizens in urban tree mapping and environmental monitoring

Potential climate/ disaster impacts addressed by approach & Justification for approach:

Arbol IoT / Internet of Trees is a platform to engage citizens in urban tree mapping and environmental monitoring. Designed and implemented in the city of Guadalajara, it aims to empower citizen advocacy and support municipal urban tree management to improve the greenery in the city. Thus, contributing to ameliorating high temperatures and buffering the impacts of flood events. The platform seeks to crowdsource an easy-to-update urban tree inventory, visualize and quantify the eco-benefits of trees and assist in public decision-making based on data and evidence.

Process of Implementation:

Arbol IoT is a cross-platform composed of a mobile and web app, and a network of low-cost sensors that allows citizens to monitor the pollutants suspended in the environment, weather, and noise on a street scale. The platform encourages engagement with green gamification and enables participation of a wide range of the population, including the elderly. It fosters inclusion through a mobile interactive table that can be placed in public spaces and used by citizens who do not have access to digital technology. Lite versions of the mobile app allow citizens with limited or no mobile data connection on their devices to map and capture information offline and, later, upload it when a WiFi connection is available.

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