Municipal climate adaptation plan

Potential climate/ disaster impacts addressed by approach & Justification for approach:

The municipal climate change strategy of Kouga addresses climate change on different levels. Special focus lies on droughts and sea level rise/flooding. The aim of the strategy is 1) to provide direction for decision making related to climate change adaptation and mitigation projects, 2) to inform staff of Kouga municipality as well as the public and especially relevant stakeholders about the impact of climate change and possible responses at the municipal level, 3) to develop a basic Climate Change Risk and Vulnerability Assessment for Kouga that considers the local conditions in each town/ward, 4) to review the policies addressing climate change

Process of Implementation:

GIZ´s Climate Support Program (CSP) was adapted to the municipal level and set the framework for the climate strategy. A series of workshops was developed together with a development advisor starting with a meeting with the Mayoral Committee. The strategy consists of three implementation lines. The first line focuses on mainstreaming climate change into the municipal management, the second line is about responses to main climate change vulnerabilities and the third line lists short-term measures that were identified through the process.

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