National Green Infrastructure Competition

Potential climate/ disaster impacts addressed by approach & Justification for approach:

In general, the infrastructures of cities will be exposed to an increase in hydrometeorological risks due to more intense rainfall, hurricanes, cyclones and droughts. Additionally, deforestation phenomena in peri-urban areas increase the risks of forest fires, which impacts air quality and increases the risks of landslides. The increase in temperatures in already warm cities, such as Hermosillo, Sonora in the north of the country and Mérida, Yucatan or Tulum, Quintan Roo coupled with the loss of vegetation cover makes risks from heat waves become more severe. This situation will impact especially the vulnerable populations such as homeless people, elderly people and children. Thus, a national call for proposals to minimize the risks was launched.

Process of Implementation:

The proposals were evaluated by a multidisciplinary jury with people from Hermosillo and Mexico City. The winning team, through a contract with GIZ, developed an in-depth proposal that was delivered to the company for implementation.

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