Pre-feasibility study for an urban forest

Potential climate/ disaster impacts addressed by approach & Justification for approach:

The municipality of Santa Marta faces rapid urban growth, which has led to the loss of vegetation and the increased use of materials such as cement. Combined with transport and industrial activity, this is causing a heat island effect in the city. Furthermore, Santa Marta is exposed to adverse climate-related hazards, such as droughts and land degradation, and the occurrence of compounding events, such as wildfires, increased erosion, and mass movement processes. Urban forests have the potential to reduce the heat island effect, by creating a cooling effect and increasing thermal comfort. Moreover, they have different environmental co-benefits, such as facilitating water management and protecting ground water reservoirs, controlling wind patterns, capturing pollutants, and protecting urban biodiversity.

Process of Implementation:

After shortlisting the city, the Gap Fund conducted a detailed assessment taht was approved by the TS. The team prepared a ToR with the city and later on, the TA was implemented and supervised by the GF team. Throughout the process, all relevant stakeholders were engaged.

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