Rehabilitation of a public park

Potential climate/ disaster impacts addressed by approach & Justification for approach:

The concentration of large populations in highly dense urban areas brings about critical issues for Mexican cities and their citizens: traffic jams, air and noise pollution, lack of sufficient green infrastructure and inclusive public spaces are just some to mention. The effects of climate change compounded by the overexploitation of natural resources have left many rapidly growing urban areas in Mexico threatened by water scarcity. Los Cabos, a coastal municipality in Baja California Sur with the highest urbanization rate in Mexico, which is closely linked to tourism, needs solutions to these challenges. Due to the concentration of infrastructure on the coastal strip in this region, neighborhoods further away from the coast are confronted with intensified social, economic, and environmental issues. Women, youth and children are most vulnerable, and therefore their perspective needs to be specifically addressed.

Process of Implementation:

In order to improve the resilience of a neighborhood in the coastal city of Los Cabos and enhance the citizen’s quality of life, this project rehabilitated an abandoned public park and created a multifunctional, safe, and inclusive public space. The aim was to bring together the municipality, the local community and allied organizations for a co-creation process with a special focus on gender and climate. Through volunteer groups that include women and youth, a multifunctional green space was created, a community pavilion using local low-emission materials is still in the construction phase. The green infrastructure promotes biodiversity and addresses the water and climate issues in the area by providing watersheds, soakaways, infiltration, runoff areas and native vegetation. Furthermore, the residents are encouraged to appropriate the public space through tactical urbanism. The measures foster educational, recreational, cultural and sports activities.

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