Tool for selecting NbS

Potential climate/ disaster impacts addressed by approach & Justification for approach:

Nature-based Solutions (NbS) are an easy and cost-effective way to prevent or reduce risks while also protecting biodiversity. They can be implemented in different scales and provide/protect different ecosystem services. However, the general public may lack the understanding to replicate NbS that best fit their context. Therefore, there is the need of a practical knowledge management tool that displays the know-how for NbS that have already been implemented. It includes a step-by-step guide for implementation and maintenance, references, pictures, contact people, and other materials that may help the general public´s appropriation of NbS.

Process of Implementation:

1. Identify NbS that have been implemented in the country. 2. Create a factsheet for each NbS including: Name, description, scale, ecosystem services, step by step outline, environmental aspects, minimal requirements, costs, risks, opportunities, and any additional resources (videos, pictures, news, legislations, etc.). 3. Contact the people/companies that implemented the NbS to gather: general know-how, step by step process, lessons learned, advice, pictures and more. 4. Update the NbS factsheet with the gathered information. 5. Design an interactive user-friendly online platform (catalogue) to consult about each NbS know-how. 6. Create a general guide about NbS implementation in the country (socio-economic and environmental context, legislation and more).

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