Urban Flooding

Potential climate/ disaster impacts addressed by approach & Justification for approach:

Urban flooding is a challenge that cities are facing. The city of Bhubaneswar has been facing this challenge every season. When it rains the area of Nayapalli gets flooded. Thus, a drainage master plan was developed for a brownfield (Nayapalli) and a greenfield area (Ward 4).

Process of Implementation:

1. A rapid assessment of the integrated urban water management was conducted looking at the key issues pertaining to overall water management 2. A gap assessment study was conducted and based on which recommendation and way forward was shared with city for improvement of urban flooding issues 3. Urban design thinking methodology was adopted which used the gap analysis report, stakeholder consultations and online surveys and prototype was developed for a pilot area (Nayapalli) in Bhubaneswar using the sponge city concept 4. Taking into consideration the prefeasibility concept a detailed drainage plan was prepared for Nayapalli including detailed drawing and bill of quantities. This will be a brownfield development 5. Ward 4 area of Bhubaneswar is an upcoming area and a lot of development activities are happening. It is more like a greenfield area as there are no existing drainage network. First of all a toposurvey of the area was conducted and then drainage plan was developed. 6. muSAvior app: an early warning system was developed under the ICT-A project for a pilot area which was then upscaled to the whole city under the CSC project 7. The drainage plan for ward 4 was overlayed on the revenue map with each plot level details on the map. A phase wise development plan was proposed with detailed design and bill of quantities which can be implemented by the city.

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