We Help/AYLLUDAMOS: Citizen-centered innovation for climate-proofing urban infrastructure

Potential climate/ disaster impacts addressed by approach & Justification for approach:

We Help/AYLLUDAMOS is a digital solution that helps citizens locate their family members and friends in cases of urban flooding. While doing so, it collects necessary flood data in real-time, saving about 3 months of work for the municipal administration and contributing to climate-proofing the local infrastructure in the long term. „Ayllu“ is Quechua and was the smallest part of the Inca society, meaning the family. AYLLUDAMOS in Spanish sounds like „ayudamos“, “we help”.

Process of Implementation:

Co-created, tested, and implemented in the city of Trujillo in Peru, the digital solution AYLLUDAMOS has three components: (1) a meteorological station with seven sensors as a main component of the early warning system, (2) a mobile app where citizens can locate their family and friends as well as report incidents to the municipality, and (3) a dashboard for municipality officials. A corresponding transfer package includes source codes and database, as well as data privacy training, a tutorial, a manual, motivational videos, a comic, and two business models.

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