Pre-feasibility study for a green zone and green mobility area

Potential climate/ disaster impacts addressed by approach & Justification for approach:

The city center of Comayagua faces environmental challenges such as noise and low air quality. Furthermore, it is affected by climate-related impacts such as the heat island effect. A green mobility intervention, consisting of a green zone in the historical center, the pedestrianization of the Comayagua shopping promenade, and the improvement of pedestrian crossing is expected to increase the climate comfort of the city, improve the air quality and reduce the city emissions by reducing the use of motoric vehicles.

Process of Implementation:

After shortlisting the city, the Gap Fund conducted a detailed assessment taht was approved by the TS. The team prepared a ToR with the city and later on, the TA was implemented and supervised by the GF team. Throughout the process, all relevant stakeholders were engaged.

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